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Choose from five colors of metal inserts to make your perfect blend stand out.

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What makes us unique?

We decided to take wood walls to a new level; smooth surfaces with the option of a metallic blend for a more modern look.

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blended metal and wood interior siding

We are not reclaimed barnwood. We make interior metal and wood wall coverings for the customer who is looking for something unique. Our kiln-dried pine wood provides a balance of rustic and modern style with it's varied grain patterns and a smooth, clean finish.

blended wood comes in 4', 6', and 8' lengths, while most online companies only offer shorter lengths.

blended wood is 3/4" thick, while many wood companies offer thin wood or irregular thicknesses. 

Our square-edge profile allows for versatility and ease in application. It can be used for more than just interior siding.  Create shelves, build furniture, and other DIY crafts.

*No minimum orders *Short Lead times *Free shipping

We've taken design a step further by offering custom metal inserts in five different metallic finishes.  Every client's vision is unique. Our metal accents can be added to create endless combinations for your project.  

Orders are custom made by hand in Bend, Oregon, where we believe in "keeping it local" by sourcing our materials through Bend companies.  Each color blend is named after the natural beauty of our daily adventures in Bend, Oregon.  

blended offers fifteen colors of wood and five options for metal inserts allowing customization of any design you can dream of.

Next time you are in Bend, visit us at our showroom and let's create a custom blend together!

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I love my bathroom! What a difference it makes and so easy to install. I would recommend this product to everyone. It was exactly as advertised. I am ready for more! Find a wall in your house and turn it into something special with Blended Metal and Wood.

Kelly Smith

I got my blended metal and wood involved in my project, which was an accent wall in my master bedroom it looks amazing!! I get a lot of compliments when my family and friend come to visit. I totally recommend them!! I got left over wood and they are going to come do another little wall I have and it’s gonna look amazing when it’s done! I love it they have beautiful colors also! Like I said I totally recommend them!

Grace Cabrera

I installed this product on a friend’s bedroom wall. It was easy to work with and looks beautiful!

Sarah Lickfett