About Us


Welcome to blended

We are Janet and Julie, creating blended metal and wood interior siding for accent walls and other interior design projects in Bend, Oregon.  After living apart for 23 years, it didn't take long to follow our passion and our roots to create a business together.

It all started years ago in Colorado where our parents planted the seeds of independence and entrepreneurship as they raised us and three older sisters in the hotel business.  We learned that customer service is the most important factor in succeeding in business.  We also learned that we like being our own bosses and creating careers from hobbies that create joy inside us.  From playing with a hammer and nails, to painting the entire exterior of our hotel on summer breaks, wood and art seemed to be a common thread.

More recently, we have both worked in the custom wood industry with a focus on rustic, barnwood styles.  With so many great reclaimed barnwood companies out there, we decided to take siding to a new level; smooth surfaces with the option of a metallic blend for a more modern look.  Twenty colors of wood and five options for metal inserts allow customization of any design you can dream of.

Let's create a custom blend together!

    Julie Hakala and Janet Powers